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The Pyramid Of Merkine

Druskininkai, Lithuania

A huge dome shines in the forests of Dzukija National Park. There is a triangular pyramid inside the dome. Two unique crosses are located in the pyramid as well. They concentrate and transfer subtle energies of the divine origin to the visitors. Thousands of people visit this unusual setting every year. Being there at the time of prayer and meditation they gain positive energy, regain spiritual balance and are pleased with an improved state of their physical health. 
The pyramid was founded in 2002 a few kilometers away from nearby town Merkinė. It was build in the place where Povilas Žėkas together with his family in 1990 August 20th experienced a personal Revelation. At that momentous night residents and guests of the homestead became witnesses of a special event. People were observing the ray of light coming from the sky. There was a figure of divine beauty inside it. However it was not a surprise. On the day before the event a seven-year-old boy Povilas was attending the Church of Merkinė together with the members of his family. Unexpectedly the boy heard a voice in his mind. The voice introduced itself as the Guardian Angel of Povilas and informed that from now on the boy will have the gift of conversation with the divine being. Of course the relatives of the boy didn’t believe it and asked for the proof. The special event was promised to happen very soon. It was fulfilled on the very next night in front of the eyes of amazed family members. The incident strengthened the faith of the witness as well as it transformed the place of the miracle. From then on people can always feel the energy of divine grace at the spot. 

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