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National Museum Of Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

The National Museum of Lithuania is the largest depository of Lithuanian historical cultural heritage in the country. It is the oldest museum in Lithuania, dating back to 1855, when the Museum of Antiquities was established in Vilnius. Authentic exhibits help to recall the history of Lithuania and its national culture and customs.
The authentic displays of the Museum represent the history of Lithuania, present traditional Lithuanian culture, and customs. The Old Arsenal is situated nearby. There is a funicular from the closed courtyard of this Museum to Gediminas Hill. A majestic monument to King Mindaugas stands next to the Museum. Mindaugas is the first, and the last, Lithuanian King. He was crowned in 1253. Mindaugas united Lithuania’s lands into a state and won international recognition of Lithuania.
The monument to King Mindaugas was unveiled in front of the Lithuanian National Museum on 6 July 2003 when the 750th anniversary of the coronation of Mindaugas was commemorated. Its author is sculptor Regimantas Midvikis. The footstall of the monument is surrounded by the symbols of the ancient Baltic calendar, which are found in old writings.

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