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Narrow Gauge Railway Of Aukštaitija

Anyksciai, Lithuania

Narrow Gauge Railway of Aukštaitija has rich history. Its mission changed several times in the course of time. The construction of narrow gauge railway took several stages. Started in 1891, the first 750 mm wide section was opened in November 11, 1895 to connect Švenčionėliai and Pastovai. In 1898 narrow gauge railway reached Panevėžys, and the first trains were launched in autumn 1899. Initially, both cargoes and passengers were carried by this narrow gauge railway. In 1916 German Army laid two new sections of 600 mm width: Gubernija-Pasvalys and Joniškis-Žeimelis. The period between the two wars was the time of prosperity of narrow gauge railway; it was widely used in different fields of the country’s economy.

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