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Ignalina, Lithuania

Ignalina district is located in East of Lithuania and it is well known as a land of beautiful landscape. There are more than 200 lakes, some rivers and ponds. The forests take a third of the whole territory and a quarter of it are takes by the protected territories. In Ignalina district there are located the major part of Aukstaitija National Park, fourteen regional parks and various preserves. It is one of the tourists’ favorite areas in Lithuania. The tourists like the cognitive, leisure, sport, ecological and country tourism activities. Those who decide to spend a weekend or more in this region do not regret afterwards because they have a really good rest, relax and recuperation here. Wild nature, its natural sounds and a spirit of ancient villages attract especially those who are tired of the city’s life and noises. Inspirations will com to the artists and lovers of nature. Ignalina fascinates the botanists, fishermen and sports fans. Hiking, water-way tours, picnics will make unforgettable impression on you. Eleven expositions of museums and about 200 other places to visit make the excursions in Ignalina district not only entertaining but also interesting. Ignalina is known as the capital of winter sports in Lithuania. The Lithuanian Winter Sports Centre that is established at the outskirts of the city invites sportsmen and holiday- makers all the year round. Alpine skiing slopes are equipped with lifts as well as ski rental is available on sight. In Ignalina Sports and Leisure Centre the visitors can not only to make sports but also to relax using SPA services. A Flight Training Center that is located near Ignalina town waits for the extreme sport lovers.

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