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Devil Museum

Kaunas, Lithuania
You will not see anywhere else such a big number of devils as in Kaunas Devils Museum. The museum is original, the only one of the kind in the world. It has thousands of funny, clever, interesting, and, of course, terrible naughty devils. Unbelievable stories, legends and folktales about these infernal creatures seem to just hover in the museum and its surroundings.
Devils' Museum is included in the list of the most unique museums in the world. Three floors have about 1000 horned creatures from around the world coming in different shapes, sizes, colours and made from different materials. Each devil here is amazing in its own way: mischievously smiling, mysteriously peeking out of the dark corner, showing the evil menace grin or a scree giggle, and some of them can be distinguished from ordinary humans only if you see horns or a tail protruding from the shaggy hair. All they seem happy having escaped the hell and established themselves in Kaunas.

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